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Creating Time to Care

  • Lead by you
  • Unrushed time with the GP/nurse
  • Meet other people locally with the same condition and support each other
  • Learn from other people’s experiences
  • Time to problem-solve and delve deeper into latest research on diet and lifestyle

Group Consultations are 2 hour sessions where upto 15 people with the same health condition meet at the surgery to discuss their treatment goals, share ideas, solve problems and come up with questions they want to ask a clinician which may be a GP or a specialist nurse.

A refreshment break is included where we have a chat and socialise a bit.

The session starts with Lynda or Kim welcoming everyone and a discussion about why we’ve come and what we want to talk about. Often people want to share their blood results or blood pressures to start off the discussion, but this isn’t essential. The conversations often turn to what people want to do to lose weight or change their lifestyle to feel better. There is a lot of celebrating of individual success stories! We often end up problem solving as a group and sharing common hurdles or difficulties.

There are always lots of questions ready for when the nurse or GP joins the group for the second half to individually consult with each person to go through any issues.

At the end of the session we bring things to a close and people set goals for themselves if they want. Groups then arrange to meet again in 3 months time to share any successes or problem-solve any difficulties they have come across.

Some people may arrange to visit the nurse/GP again if complicated issues have been brought up or issues that are too sensitive to bring up in a group.

All of the group members go through shared understandings at the start of the group and sign a confidentiality clause. In 17 years of group consultations in the US, no problems with confidentiality have occurred and we have not come across any difficulties.

We have had extremely good feed-back from all our group participants so far:


More Information

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Our Groups

Type-2 Diabetes Group Consultations

Tuesday mornings starting promptly at 9am

Wednesday mornings starting promptly at 9am

You can book these through our Patient Services, and online through Patient Access or the NHS APP

You can come to a group at any time if you want support to improve your health.

Many people find it best to attend once they have received their results following their annual review with the health care assistant so that they can identify their goals and discuss ways to achieve them. These goals might be to lose weight, lower blood pressure, reduce the need for medications or try new ones.

To allow all patients with diabetes to be able to attend groups we can only currently offer two groups a year. These can be in place of having to make an appointment to see the diabetes nursing team following your blood results

Hypertension/Heart Disease/Diabetes Group Consultations

Thursday mornings starting promptly at 9am

You can book these through our Patient Services, and online through Patient Access or the NHS APP

COPD/ASTHMA Group Consultations

Coming soon

Depression Group Consultations

Coming soon

How to book into a Group Consultation

It is useful although not essential, to have up-to-date blood tests, weight, blood pressure etc prior to your group session so best to book in with a Health Care Assistant first for this.

To book your appointment please contact our Patient Services or book an appointment online via Patient Access / NHS APP


If you have attended a Group Consultation we would very much value your feedback.

Feedback should normally be provided after a couple of months after you attended the Group Consultation so that you can consider the impact it may have had on you.

Although we would like to be able to contact you after any feedback, the form can be submitted anonymously – in which case leave the personal details windows empty.

Group Consultation Feedback Form

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