eConsult – Just a Bit of Extra Information

We use eConsult for Urgent Issues where your condition needs to be reviewed that day. 

  • The eConsult form provides the clinician with information relevant to your condition, and helps them to assess your problem more quickly.
  • They can often respond to you by text or email, but they may also need to talk to you or have a face to face consultation.  (For patients under 18, the clinician will respond by phone or invite them in for a face to face consultation).

When using eConsult please ensure you are available to speak to the clinician or you can come into the practice for a face to face appointment that day if requested.

eConsult also provides you with Self Help information, information on how a community pharmacist can often help with minor illnesses in the first instances, and provides details on how to self refer to many external services such as Physio, Mental Health etc

Please click on the picture below to continue to eConsult