Travel Room

Before you travel it’s important to find out whether you will need additional vaccinations for the country you’re visiting.

As some vaccinations have a period of time until they become effective or may involve a series of injections, it is important that you allow sufficient time for this before your travel – at least 2 months.

Should you have a late holiday booking, having the appropriate vaccinations and advice will still give you some important protection.

Therefore to minimise any health risks to you please contact as soon as you can to arrange a Travel Clinic appointment.


Unlike general Community Pharmacies or Private Clinics we are able to offer routine travel vaccinations FREE of charge through the NHS in addition to our Free Travel Clinic consultation. with our Practice Nurses.  These include:

  • Hep A
  • Typhoid
  • Dipheria / Tetanus / Polio combined

Others vaccinations are not covered by the NHS and are treated as private treatments that incur a cost (e.g. for example Yellow Fever, Hep B, or Japanese encephalitis).  The Malaria vaccination also requires a private prescription.

Where a course of vaccinations are required, where there is a charge then this is paid at or before the first appointment. As some vaccinations have to be specially ordered, payment for these (where applicable) is required at the time of order.

What To Do Now?

1. Firstly, visit the “Travel Health Pro” website. This will give you an idea of what vaccinations you may need, but our Practice Nurses will complete a full risk assessment on your plans.

2.  If vaccinations are required, please book a Travel Clinic appointment with one of our Practice Nurses at least 2 months before you travel.  When booking the appointment please confirm:

  • When you are visiting (e.g. 4 May for 3 weeks)
  • Which countries and areas you are visiting (e.g. Northern Thailand and Cambodia)
  • Where you are staying (e.g. Beach resort, backpacking or a cruise)
  • Who is going (i.e. names of all those we will be seeing at your Travel Clinic appointment)

3.  We may arrange a telephone appointment with our nurse if only advice is required or further clarification is needed by the nurse on your travel plans.

4. Complete the Travel Risk Assessment Form for each person in your party.  We need to receive your form at least a week before your appointment to allow the nurses to review it and identify the risks and possible vaccinations you may need.

5. The Travel Clinic Appointment is normally 30 mins plus 10 mins for each additional person, i.e. a family of 4 will take an hour.

6. Please be advised, some vaccinations require more than one injection so follow-up appointments may be needed, and some vaccinations have to be purchased specifically, so again a further appointment may be necessary.

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